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Welsh bag tax gets favourable reviews regardless of uncertainty

22 November 2011

A recent study has outlined that the 5p tax on single-use carrier bags in Wales has generally been popular with the local public.

The research, completed by Cardiff University, found that around 70% of customers had responded positively to the changes.  Furthermore, the research also states there is a 95% reduction in the quantity of bags supplied by shops, the greatest drop being noticed in supermarkets.

Regardless of the positive reaction, it seems that there is still some confusion surrounding the tax among both customers and firms alike. 

The report, launched by Cardiff University’s Centre for Business Associations, Accountability, Sustainability and Society (BRASS), detailed that 60% of people thought the charge was just relevant to plastic bags, when actually it covers any single-use bag which is not produced for substantial reuse, including some paper and biodegradable bags, along with plastic.

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