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Food Industry: what should you consider before buying a new Hand Dryer

22 November 2011

Strict food hygiene is the responsibility of every food business.

Food production hygiene control is the mission of every food production company.  In order to produce high quality food you need to strictly control hygiene, with the clean, dry, hands essential before entering the production plant.

Paper towels were the normal hand drying medium of choice, but due to the environmental damage they cause and the increasing cost enterprises are looking for an alternatives. Old fashioned traditional hand dryers and roller towels have problems with cost and the environment.

As employees do not want to wait in line to dry their hands, companies need to find a fast drying alternative.
 Fast Hand Dryers Specialise in high-speed hand dryers with leading edge technology’s for the food industries strict conditions.
Thing to consider when buying a hand dryer:
Price: They range from £100 to £800... Remember you get what you pay for!

Speed: From 10 seconds to 40 seconds...any more than 12 seconds and people get impatient!

Energy Consumption: Old fashioned dryers use up to 3,000w of electricity and take an age to dry. New generation machines dry within 10 seconds and use as little 650w.This means 1000 dries for 25p!

Shell:  The material not only determines the appearance, but top quality anti bacterial, flame retardant ABS is a must.

Filter: You must have a dust and antibacterial filters to stop contaminants going on user’s hands

Weight: Solid walls are best for fixing, but specialist fixings can be used for other types.

Noise:  If your toilets are close to your offices, the quieter the better.

Air temperature: Old fashioned hand dryers use warm air and evaporation to dry hands and cheap ones actually burn your hands then still don’t dry them

Manual or Automatic: If you require hygienic hand drying then manual dryers are a “real hygiene no-no”
For further information, please contact: Fast Hand Dryers Sales, Lympiar House 12 Barn Hey Green,
 Liverpool L12 1LY

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