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2012 has to be better than 2011

04 January 2012

Like the majority of business in the UK, RBM Voice & Data Consultancy has survived a lousy year and even managed to emerge stronger than when the year started.

How did they do this?

They did this by adding a different product line to their business of being one of the largest 2nd user resellers in the UK for Avaya INDeX telephone systems.  Most of their competitors have continued to add more and more manufacturers products to their extensive ranges of  INDeX, Definity, IP Office or a bit of Panasonic etc., however, RBM have remained true to their core business of stocking virtually every part of the INDeX that they can.

What have they added?

They have added to their base INDeX portfolio an impressive package of products that include Line rental for PSTN (analogue) and ISDN (30 and ISDN2) and even Broadband.  They are a partner with the Fidelity Group and accredited by O2 for marketing their mobile network and BE (part of O2) for offering the very best Broadband in the UK. 

For normal and ISDN lines they use Gamma Telecom who have a reputation for having the best customer service in the industry.  The  call charges and line rental fees are considerably cheaper than most companies and considerably cheaper than BT. 

To simplify things further, the bills (fully itemised) can all be incorporated into one monthly bill.  A variety of personalised statistic with bar charts or pie charts can be added at no charge and special call rates applied to specific international areas if required.  Of course, we can also supply non-geographic number (0800; 0845 etc) at minimum charges.  You do NOT pay ridiculous “sign up” fees for an 0800 number.

This side of their business is growing rapidly despite the vast amount of competition in the market place..  Companies are coming to RBM because they have been treated fairly and professionally in the past and know that they will get treated the same way with these products.

Will this impact on their core business?

The answer is of course – No!  Because it will not impact on storage space or repair area space or labour regarding their refurbishing and rebuilding work. 

They have the full recourses of the Fidelity Group linked with the expertise of O2, BE and Gamma Telecom specialists to ensure that every problem can be speedily resolved whilst THEIR clients (You) only have to make ONE CALL to get any problem resolved.  Even that number is FREE  08000 093 053.  Can anything be simpler?

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