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Anachem becomes Exclusive UK Distributor for KAPA Biosystems’ Next-Generation PCR Reagents

04 January 2012

Anachem Ltd ., a METTLER TOLEDO company (Luton, UK) is delighted to announce that it has now been awarded exclusive UK distribution rights for the novel range of molecular engineered reagents from KAPA Biosystems Inc., (Woburn, MA USA).

Having become a trusted supplier to UK Life Science Research customers over the last 40 years, Anachem provides the perfect partner for further adoption of KAPA’s advanced technology products.

“Anachem’s large, enthusiastic team of specialist representatives is best served to support KAPA’s product range. We visit scientists in molecular laboratories every day and alongside liquid handling products have been advising them on PCR consumables for many years,” says Amy Jingzi Liu, Anachem Product Manager.

“We have already built a foundation of awareness and technology acceptance for KAPA in the UK, but under the exclusive agreement and with exciting new products continually beings released, are very confident that we will deliver rapid additional growth.”

The KAPA Biosystems molecular evolution technology platform is currently being used to optimize enzymes for DNA amplification, next-generation DNA sequencing, and molecular diagnostic applications. These designer enzymes are enabling new and improved applications that were not previously possible with generalist, wild-type enzymes.

“KAPA fits Anachem’s model of partnering with innovative, value added suppliers and will furter strengthen our parent company’s growth in the Life Science market” says Carole Staniford, Anachem Marketing Director.

Anachem Ltd., now a METTLER TOLEDO company, is the leading specialist supplier of liquid handling products, consumables and services to the laboratory community in the UK and Ireland. We have over forty years of technical expertise and innovation serving scientists in major pharmaceutical, industrial, university and research institutes.

Our Mission is to provide our customers with scientific laboratory supplies that improve the quality of their results, provide time and cost savings and increase efficiency. In addition we strive to source, develop and supply products that improve laboratory safety and ergonomics and minimise the impact on our environment.

About KAPA Biosystems

KAPA Biosystems is a next-generation life science reagents supplier that employs high-throughput molecular evolution to optimize enzymes for DNA amplification, next-generation sequencing and molecular diagnostic applications. KAPA Biosystems offers a range of next-generation PCR reagents that are fundamentally different at the protein level, containing unique amino acid modifications that confer dramatic improvements to the functionality of the enzymes.
The company is based in Woburn, Massachusetts with a research and development facility in Cape Town, South Africa. For more information about KAPA Biosystems, please visit the company’s website at

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