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Vulcascot Giant Cable Protector

10 January 2012

Nothing protects cables more....

When it comes to protecting large diameter power cables and pipes that need to cross a road, nothing is larger, stronger or more visible than Vulcascot’s mammoth HDCP1 cable protector.

There is no mistaking this solid new dual purpose cable protector. It is easily spottable at distance thanks to the highly visible black edges and yellow hinged top section. As this new system can be seen from a distance vehicle drivers have ample time to curb their speed and huge lorries especially, do not have to brake violently before passing over them. By closing down the distance between the rows, this dual purpose traffic calming cable protector automatically slows average traffic speed.

There are 3 cavities to each of the metre long interlocking sections and at just at 29 kilos in weight can easily be manoeuvred with the option of free laying if the application permits or more permanent by bolting into place using the pre drilled holes provided. The HDCP1 has been successfully tested for an axle weigh up to 6000kilos.

Although primarily designed to restrict road speed, the HDCP1 is also the ultimate cable protector for power cables and pipes that need to run cross a road. This is a monster cable protector with an equally large carrying capacity and is currently the largest product in the Vulcascot range

As with all Vulcascot products, their reputation is built on the extraordinary attention paid to careful design and choice of materials with the highest degree of durability in mind. The HDCP1 is no exception, it’s capacity is immense and toughness enormous.

View the Worlds largest selection of flexible cable protector on line at , you will be amazed just how tidy and safe we make the environment.

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