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Enviromental Hazards - Tripping Over Loose Cables

12 January 2012

According to Health and Safety statistics 25-30% of all accidents in the category of slips, falls and trips actually result from tripping.

Thousands of accidents happen in the workplace resulting in a huge loss in productivity as well as precipitating expensive insurance claims and litigation. Millions of pounds are claimed in compensation every year by people involved in workplace related accidents.

Vulcascot, the cable protector specialists ever conscious of the problem of tripping particularly over loose cables have developed seven different cable protector systems to cater for most dangerous situations involving cables that have no alternative other than to cross open floors.

The Snap Fit range is low lying and discreet and ideal for office or internal applications and will safely cover cables and looms up to 30mm.

A recent addition to the Snap Fit range is Crysclear, a new concept in cable security as the two profiles are translucent and highly suitable for any type of indoor surfaces.

Whilst the Industrial range is renowned for it’s strength and durability it  will also accept as many as 3 cables each 23mm in diameter in one single profile.

Where the requirement is for even greater covering capacity the TTC range which has enormous strength with thick yellow high visibility stripes along each side is particularly useful on construction sites where without protection cable or pipes up to 60mm can easily become buried under building debris. As it’s name suggests the Temporary Traffic Calming range will slow traffic and carry cables across road at the same time.

Vulcascot know of the hazards that can be caused by loose cabling and is committed to finding total solutions. Even the smallest telephone cable which for the sake of obscurity has to travel around the skirting can be covered using one of the six SnapTop mini cable protectors..

Ever conscious of environmental issues the Vulcascot team has ensured that the entire product range is halogen free, fire retardant and UV stabilised for extended out door life.

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