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12 January 2012

An award-winning kitchen company based in Co Armagh has created a stunning new design aimed at breathing new life into kitchen design.

An award-winning kitchen company based in Co Armagh has created a stunning new design aimed at breathing new life into kitchen design.

Glenvale Kitchens, which is based in Keady, showcased its new Dynamic Kitchen at the Belfast Self Build Show held in the city earlier this year.

Complete with innovative features such as automated touch open drawers and doors, an island with remote controlled colour-changing mood settings and a three-metre long aquarium positioned behind the sink, the Dynamic Kitchen is both functional and evolutionary in its design.

The kitchen, which has been praised for pushing the boundaries of kitchen design, was created by Darren Morgan, who was named Designer of the Year 2009 at the prestigious KBB Awards in London.

The kitchen was designed to act as both a fully functioning space and also a breathtaking backdrop in an open planned home.

As well as the 'living splashback' aquarium positioned behind the sink and the mood lighting at the island, the kitchen can sit in two automated positions -- stand-by and in-use.

For example, when a kitchen goes from an in-use to stand-by position, doors on the tall units slide out of cleverly designed pockets and pivot, concealing the contents and the extractor fan will slide itself back into the worktop at the press of a button.

Cutting edge features have also been incorporated, such as the unique automated servo-drive electric opening support systems on unit doors and drawers which eliminate the need for handles.

The idea for the Dynamic Kitchen was borne 18 months ago by Darren and was developed by Darren and the team toward the end of 2009.

The idea was to create a functional kitchen that was versatile enough to accommodate all of the demands of the modern kitchen user.

He said: "People are spending more time at home now, they are having dinner parties on a regular basis and having friends and family round for drinks instead of going out to socialise. The idea behind the design was bringing the kitchen to life.

"The panel on the island, which is the centrepiece of the kitchen, changes to four different colour spectrums by remote control.

"In an open plan setting, the kitchen area can act as a backdrop and can become a nightclub, restaurant or coffee shop -- whatever feels appropriate.

"The island also introduces a softer geometry to the linear design."

One of the features which sets this kitchen apart is the three- meter aquarium.

As Darren explained: "I wanted this kitchen to come alive within the architecture surrounding it.

"The idea was to create a living splashback so that the user can feel connected to the kitchen right down to knowing the names of the fish.

"When you combine the state of the art kitchen automation along with the living ecosystem it can appear that the kitchen has a life of its own.

"This kitchen is not an inanimate object, it responds to the user on many levels offering enjoyment and promoting a sense of well being within the home".

The Dynamic Kitchen is currently showcased in the company's showroom and has certainly inspired some customers to think outside the box when it comes to their own kitchens.

Two orders having been confirmed since the Self Build Show show at the end of February.

Aidan McCooey, owner of Glenvale Kitchens, said: "The Dynamic Kitchen really illustrates what we can do.

"The key to our success is that we are passionate about what we do and we have one of the finest design and intallation teams in the country constantly striving to offer our customers something different".

As Darren points out: "Obviously the Dynamic Kitchen is at the luxurious top end of Glenvale's range but we cater for people with all sorts of budgets.

"Our kitchens range from Pounds 2,000 to Pounds 90,000, so if your budget falls within that price range, we can help.

"What I would say to people is 'if you are looking for something completely different, come to us as we are not limited in what we can do.'

"Every item we design is customisable and our team will offer our customers a completely flexible approach."

Glenvale Kitchens is strategically placed on the border and is open from 9am to 5.30pm Monday to Saturday and from 7pm to 9pm each Thursday. Viewing the showroom, where the Dynamic Kitchen is showcased, is by appointment only.

For further information, call 028 3753 9406 or go to

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