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Sensor Installation Fittings - Buy-on-Line

24 January 2012

A Selection of Compression Fittings, Olives and Locknuts now available from

Sensor Installation Fittings – Now available to Buy-on-Line. Over 100 new products have been added to our E-commerce offering including:
Compression Fittings – Stainless Steel and Brass, Parallel or Tapered Thread.

Olives – Stainless Steel or Brass, for varying probe diameters.
Locknuts – Stainless Steel or Brass in various thread types to suit your application. We also stock Plugs & Nipples, Flanges, Thermopockets, Thermowells and Pot Seals.

These will be added to our Ecommerce offering shortly - please contact our sales teams detailed below for more information on these products.
We manufacture our turned parts at our Bognor Regis site in West Sussex and have invested in 3 Multiple Axis Citizen Cincom Sliding Head Lathes.

Using the latest in modern technology ensures the highest precision for the efiicient production of turned parts here in the UK. Whilst we offer our turned parts as listed on-line, we are also keen to quote for your larger bespoke turned parts requirements.

We welcome you to our Bognor Regis manufacturing plant to discuss and review your interest.

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