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2, 3 and 4 arm Handwheels from Elesa

31 January 2012

Arm handwheels such as the Elesa VB range and the ETK/EYK series are generally used where greater leverage is required, either because it allows greater force or greater delicacy and accuracy. They are often employed in the setting or operation of machines, valves, actuators, clamping or in rotational devices which require manual operation.

They are frequently a superior solution to adjustment or control, in conjunction with digital position indicators where an electronic control system would simply over-engineer, over-complicate or over-price the application.

Elesa’s VB198 moulded four arm handwheel at 170mm dia is suitable for fine single hand control or two-handed operation – likewise the VBR.4 with tubular metal handles in diameters from 200mm to 363mm. The VBR.2 matches the .4 but with two arms for lower cost.

Three-arm handwheels with revolving handles from the ETK and EYK series are suitable for steering applications and have central hub colour indexing options – the ETK featuring straight revolving handles and the EYK having palm fitting revolving knobs where speed of operation is called for.

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