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Ultracrete coverTEC eliminates noise pollution for Doncaster residents

01 February 2012

Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council has recently trialled Ultracretes' coverTEC, a durable yet lightweight range of composite covers and frames, to replace a troublesome manhole covers on the busy B6376 in Doncaster.

Doncaster MBC had been experiencing problems with reoccurring failures with a number of their existing manhole covers and frames along the main B route running through Edlington in South Yorkshire.

The road was completely resurfaced 18 months ago, which included the reinstatement of all the ironwork within it. Since then, numerous covers have collapsed and one manhole cover in particular has suffered repeated failures largely due to its location; directly in the wheel tracks of the traffic. The noise generated from the cover’s rattling lid had been causing disruption to local residents and visitors to the adjacent cemetery. Doncaster MBC sought a long term solution to eradicate the on-going problem.

Ultracrete recommended the installation of their coverTEC class D400 vehicular access cover to resolve the issue. The cover is an ideal solution for problem areas such as those exposed to heavy trafficking and prone to repetitive failures. The cover is made from a glass resin instead of conventional metal, and is therefore very lightweight. Doncaster MBC commented that this simplified the installation process, making it easier and safer for their workforce to handle leaving the site open to traffic in just 2 hours!

coverTEC frames are designed with a torsion tube for added stability and rigidity, furthermore, they offer full face seating for the cover, eliminating any rocking motion and displacement. This feature provides a welcome relief for local residents who had complained sorely about the noise pollution emanating from the previous access cover.

The coverTEC frame and cover were installed using Ultracrete’s BBA/HAPAS Approved Manhole Reinstatement System – the recommended system for the installation of coverTEC Composite Frames and Covers. The system includes Envirobed HA104® high performance bedding mortar which exceeds HA104 requirements, achieving a superior compressive strength of 51.N/mm² and a tensile strength of 5.8N/mm² in just 3 hours! QC10 F Fast Set Rapid Strength Flowable Concrete, a two-part fibre modified flowable concrete designed for backfill, SCJ Cold Joint Sealer and Tack Coat spray, which is applied onto vertical edges and surface base before the application of asphalt and Instant Road Repair Cold Lay Asphalt Concrete for first time permanent reinstatements. On this occasion, the manhole cover was surface finished with 14mm of hot SMA, supplied by Doncaster MBC.

The system helps to prolong the life of in-situ and new road installations as the components offer, where appropriate, impressive tensile and compressive strengths, extending service life with no risk of split liability.

The system makes an ideal accompaniment to the superior solution that coverTEC offers.

Ultracrete’s Instaband ECO Thermoplastic Skid Resistant Over Banding Tape was applied to the surface joints to protect the site from water ingress and progressive fretting.

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