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02 February 2012

What ever the Continent, Europe, the Middle East or as far away as Australia there is a strong common denominator when it comes to loose electrical wires and cables…safety.

Preventing danger caused by tripping and falling over loose electrical cables remains a matter of high priority and Vulcascot is helping to make these areas a tidier place to exist..

Large power cables present an additional problem as they must be protected from the wheels of every type of vehicles as they act like an abrasive scuffing and grinding at the outer protective coating of the cablesThe Vulcascot Industrial range is the answer and of course is used all over Europe and beyond in the most extreme environments often sold through local electrical outlets.

Vulcascot whether it be tripping and falling or cable damage by vehicles.. What ever the application there is a cable protector size to suit.

In order to improve its distribution service Vulcascot has targeted this year the surge in web site customers and on-line-shops in the UK and Europe whilst not forgetting the multitude of new B2B catalogues The current success rate is promising and a member of their development staff has suggested that despite the global financial turndown sales for 2012 are planned higher than the previous year, positive news indeed.

The planned increase will come in part from the UK but the bulk is planned from their ever increasing global sales which means that around the World thinking safety is clearly catching on!

View the Worlds largest selection of flexible cable protector on line at , you will be amazed just how tidy and safe we make the environment.

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