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A Soft Landing but Tripping is still Dangerous

02 February 2012

An unsung but a major industry nevertheless is hospitality.

It could be a supplier taking you for a slap up lunch at a favourite restaurant just to say thank you for the business given him during the year or golf and a good dinner to follow but in fact it could be any number of different ways of being gracious in saying thank you although  central to the success of  most hospitality days is good food and drink.

There are also major hospitality events which differ because of the venue. During the Spring and Summer events are held in huge marquees. Event Caterers appear from nowhere carrying huge silver salvers some times risking life and limb from the danger of loose cables criss crossing the floor providing lighting or power for the entertainment.

Sticky tape is often the last moment thought to keep the cable lying flat on the floor but usually not sufficiently so to prevent a potentially life threatening trip. Hot food falls on the guests and injuries are caused by the chaos that the aftermath brings.

The Vulcascot solution is readily available and can be delivered within 24 hours of calling our order Hot-Line. A collection of 40 different products with a shape that can snuggly enclose the smallest telephone wire to the largest power cable. There is even a group of very tough dual purpose cable protectors that will carry cables across roads and paths protecting the cables and slowing the approaching vehicles.

What is so interesting about this ingenious range of products is that cables can be installed and secured in minutes, they need no fixing to the surface and they are completely re usable over and over again.

This same range can be used any where there are loose cables including the Event Caters kitchens where there is always a threat from sharp knives and boiling liquid. Tripping in this type of environment can easily lead to fatal consequences.

View the Worlds largest selection of flexible cable protector on line at , you will be amazed just how tidy and safe we make the environment.

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