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Take the headache out of Allergen Management with Mailbox’s New Colourgen range.

08 February 2012

Materials handling experts Mailbox: Stamford Products Ltd have long been a supporting partner in helping the industry battle to control “The big 8” and are highlighting this with the official launch of their “COLOURGENS” range.

Many reports have hit the headlines over the years debating the handling of allergens, one such report: “Managing Allergens in the food chain” was published by Food Manufacture in February 2010.

Vernon Sanders Law once said, “Experience is a hard teacher because she gives the test first, the lesson afterward.”  The food industry’s experience with allergens in food products appears to support Laws’ observation. Allergen management in the food chain is improving, but half of the product recalls (more than one a week) are still caused by incorrect allergen labelling and the handling of multiple allergens in factories is still causing major headaches for operational and technical staff.

Following increasing demand from food producers and processors for a solution to the control of food allergens, Mailbox decided to take up the challenge and brought out a range of bins, with capacities from 25 to 225 litres, in 8 different colours.

Liz Warden the Internal Sales Manager reported  “As both a manufacturer and end supplier of materials handling products for the food industry we are swamped with requests for short runs in many different colours to help food producers and processors set up their allergen management system.” “And as a mother of a child with a peanut allergy I really understand the importance of good system implementation”.

Mailbox not only manufacture both injection and rotational moulded products and offer products ranging from scoops and shovels, mixing bins, tough trucks and pallets through to the large intermediate bulk storage vessels :they also pigment their own unrivalled choice of fully compounded material offering finished products with improved colour distribution to aid allergen management systems.

Mailbox: Stamford Products Limited Sales Director Allison Seabourne says “The choice of products we offer is vast but to offer all of the products in all of the colours is a little tricky. From the manufacturing point of view it would be fabulous if there was a national allergen colour coding criteria but we understand from our food production partners that this is not a workable option, so consolidating requirements based across the industry on our 8 main chosen colour ways seems to be a good working solution. 

We always listen to our customers needs”. The mantra from Mailbox is  “It’s all about flexibility coupled with some good manufacturing scheduling”.

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