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Preventing Legionnaires Disease: Help for Care Homes

16 February 2012

Following the recent high-profile cases of Legionnaires’ disease in Essex and Wales, many care homes are looking more closely at what they can do to protect their residents.

Maintaining correct water temperatures is vital for risk management of this disease and  UK thermometer suppliers, TME, have a specialist range of equipment to make this simple.

What is Legionnaires Disease?

Legionnaires Disease is a potentially fatal form of pneumonia. It is caused by the Legionella Pneumophila bacteria which, under the right conditions, can populate hot and cold water systems in a building, risking exposure to residents. The disease can affect anyone but presents a particular risk to certain vulnerable groups including the elderly and the sick.

Legal Obligations

The Health & Safety Executive‘s Approved Code of Practice L8 states that care homes must carry out a full legionella risk assessment and implement a programme of preventive measures to minimize the risk of an outbreak of the disease. Failure to comply could result in prosecution and, where an outbreak occurs, severe penalties for those responsible. Testing the temperature of water from taps, showers and mixer valves is a vital because the legionella bacteria thrive in water at temperatures between 20◦C and 45◦C.

How TME can help

TME offers equipment designed specifically to make the job simplicity itself:
  • The best-selling LEGK1 cased Kit includes a waterproof thermometer plus surface, immersion and fine wire probes with a log book for manual recording.
  • The FMK2 holster Kit combines a waterproof thermometer with TME’s unique dual probe for both immersion and pipe surfaces saving the operator time.
  • The unique MM7000 ThermoBar Scan combines barcode-reading and Bluetooth technologies in a digital logging thermometer, which records temperature, time and date against all the test points in the building by using barcodes to identify their location. Up to 1000 records can be logged before downloading the data to a PC or PDA.
MD Tom Sensier says: “TME Temperature Kits are in daily use in care homes, hospitals and schools where the use of guaranteed, high-quality, accurate instruments helps to protect those who are most vulnerable to this kind of infection.”

TME manufactures a wide range of high quality temperature equipment. For more information, including a free catalogue, contact TM Electronics (UK) Ltd on 01903 700651 or visit

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