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Little Plumber celebrates decade of hard water treatment

20 February 2012

Little Plumber, the flagship range of water treatment products from Splendid Products Limited is 10 years old this February.

Little Plumber has become synonymous with electronic water softening and the removal and prevention of Limescale.

The domestic range consists of the smaller LP units LP1 LP2 and the battery operated SOLO unit and the commercial range consists of the LP3, LP4 and LP5.

All products are still made in the United Kingdom and carry a 12 month no quibble money back guarantee plus a 3 year parts guarantee.

Hard water and limescale are a very real problem affecting millions of properties. The effects can be devastating sometimes resulting in the complete breakdown of the plumbing system but more often in increase fuel costs caused by scaled up heat exchangers and poor heat energy conversion. The slow breakdown of appliances such as washing machines and dishwashers, shower heads and kettles all add to the misery of hard water.

With drought conditions forecast for many parts of Britain the situation is likely to worsen as the water tables sink lower into new chalk beds the water from them will just get harder.

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