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Prop Tops are Top of the Props!

23 February 2012

‘Prop Top’ is the latest product added to the vast Toptower inventory.

The Prop Top is a masonry/brickwork support which is designed to sit on the top of a building prop (Acrow) to support courses of brickwork when installing lintels/windows etc.

Prop Tops save time and improve safety as the prop can be kept vertical as opposed to on an angle thus reducing the likelihood of the prop slipping with obvious dangerous consequences.

Prop Tops are a strongboy alternative made in Britain so you can be assured of the welding quality and are zinc plated to assure a long and corrosion free life.

A Prop Top can take a massive 340 kilos as their maximum safe working load. They are made from 6mm thick steel, have a substantial carrying handle for extra comfort and each weighs a substantial 5.8 kilos so you can be assured they will last.

Prices from £26.67 plus vat including delivery.

Available direct from Toptower online or call them on 0121 585 5858.

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