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Grahame Gardner web portal makes Manchester School of Dentistry smile.

24 February 2012

The start of the term is always a stressful time for any educational institution, particularly those who require large scale vocational uniform requirements.

Manchester School of Dentistry is one such organisation, with over 80 students commencing their studies in September and requiring uniforms immediately for their practical assignments. The school have introduced a new web portal, developed by Grahame Gardner Ltd to streamline the ordering process and to enable students to independently request garments from a pre-determined selection.

Manchester School of Dentistry have chosen two tunics, the M559 for men and the P604 for women, both in Honeybird Blue. The school worked with Grahame Gardner to ensure the portal fitted their exact requirements. Caroline Sales, MSD comments:-
“This is the first year we have utilised the internet so that students can take responsibility for their own uniforms. This makes my life a lot easier and, as the portal is very intuitive, students have readily understood the process. We now receive the uniforms all individually named and bagged, making distribution infinitely more straight-forward.”

Manchester School of Dentistry chose to have their garments all delivered to the central location so that students could all collect from there. Grahame Gardner are also able to distribute the uniforms to the students specified address and the portal can be set up to meet the institutions delivery preferences.

The portal is currently being used by first year students for their initial order, in addition second to fifth year students can order additional garments using the dedicated web page. Grahame Gardner offer this dedicated web portal to all of their large contract customers. As well as detailing all of the customers’ garments, the site has a very secure password system, ensuring that only staff or students of the customer organisation are able to access the account. Payments can be taken individually via the Grahame Gardner online secure payment facility, or alternatively the account holder can be invoiced separately.

For further information on Grahame Gardner and their services please call Grahame Gardner on
0116 255 6326, or take a look at their website,

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