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Medipoint MK2 Medical Gas Alarms - Increased stability and built in future expandability.

05 March 2012

BeaconMedaes is proud to introduce the second generation of Medipoint Medical Gas Alarms


Medical Gas Alarms are a stand alone network of panels used to monitor the status of a Medical Gas Pipeline System (MGPS). There are two different systems, including:
1) Local alarm panels – monitor high and low pressure within patient areas such as wards, operating theatres, ITU, resuscitation, etc.
2) Central alarm panels – monitor the status of source equipment such as manifolds, medical air plant, medical vacuum plant and liquid oxygen tanks.

Local Alarm Panels

The Medipoint 26 is specifically designed to monitor departmental gas pressure, up to six gases in the ‘normal’, ‘high pressure’ and ‘low pressure’ conditions. Incorporating a NEW “repeating” facility, gas status can be monitored at a master panel and simply replicated to multiple slave panels located elsewhere within the department, without the need to install more than one set of pressure sensors.
BeaconMedaes hi-lo pressure sensors include built in line contact monitoring, so the gas pressure is constantly monitored at the pipeline for ultimate safety.

Central Alarm Panels

The Medipoint 125 is specifically designed to monitor source equipment, for up to five gases in five status conditions. Input cables from source equipment like the medical air plant, oxygen manifolds and medical vacuum plant are connected to a ‘master’ panel. Subsequent ‘slave’ panels on the network are configured with a unique user set panel ID – making it easy to repeat critical alarm conditions to multiple locations within the hospital.

Medipoint to BMS Panel The Medipoint 125 Relay Interface is populated with on board relays rather than LED’s. These convert medical gas inputs into volt free outputs, offering total integration into the hospitals building management systems (BMS).

Other Features and Benefits

Additional features include: • 100% touch proof board for added user safety • Surface mounted components reduce heat and extend life • Anti-microbial fascia to help minimise cross infection • Adjustable volume control for reduced impact on patients in sensitive areas • Back up battery supply for continued operation in the event of power failure • Easy to read display is user-friendly for staff Expand With Your System Medipoint alarms are supplied with fully populated light boards.

If additional gases are added to the system at a later date, these gases can be monitored at the simple flick of an onboard switch – no extra cost or disruptions! Conclusion The Medipoint alarm meets the requirements of UK Department of Health HTM02-01 and is CE marked according to the MDD 93/42, offering our customers long lasting peace of mind.

With a tried and tested platform, easy installation and maintenance the BeaconMedæs Medipoint Medical Gas Alarm is the leading product in its class.

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