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A Perfect Example of Industrial Partitions - UK

09 March 2012

“M R S Storage Solutions Ltd are highly experienced in industrial and commercial partitioning systems, we also specialise in full office fit-outs, mezzanine floors, racking systems and shelving systems. We are experts in warehouse design and racking inspections through the UK.”

Our Project Managers provided a proposal for a client based on the following parameters:
•    Supply and install double skin steel enclosure.
•    All joints sealed to prevent dust from escaping.
•    All top caps intumescent sealed.
•    Glazed where required.

Our project manager designed a double skin steel partitioning system, at an angle running with the warehouse apex,and a 1000mm glazed section at 1200mm from the ground level. The partitions consisted of 2 runs of 6500mm long solid/glazed/solid partition and a 5560 mm run of partitioning with a set of 2000mm wide bi-parting sliding doors with vision panels.

Double skin steel is perfect in this kind of situation as it is strong, durable and long lasting, it was easy to fill the gaps and seal the partitions to prevent dust escaping through an spaces and as it is demountable it can easily be removed should the client need to extend or remove the enclosure.

A little about our Industrial Partitions

There are two main types of partitioning, industrial and commercial. Commercial partitioning is commonly used in office, school and retail surroundings, more information on commercial partitioning please contact us on 0800 876 6760.

Industrial Partitions are common in warehouses and manufacturing plants, they are perfect for enclosing areas where dust or materials may be liable to spread,or for creating usable ‘rooms’in industrial areas which require a bit more strength, (industrial partitions are steel and stronger than plaster commercial partitions). Industrial partitions come in sections that can be easily replaced if damaged and are available in a large number of coloured finishes.

Industrial steel partitioning is perfect for creating enclosed spaces as it creates a solid barrier. Also available in single skin, mesh and glazed systems. Double skin barriers over reinforced protection from noise and can be fire rated if necessary.  

If you would like more information on our industrial partitions feel free to visit our website: or call us: 0800 876 6760

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