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Extend the height of your racking without replacing.

09 March 2012

We are often approached by clients who need to extend their racking system up but have a limited budget and don’t have the space or time to replace the whole system.

Our answer:  a ‘splicing kit’!

A Splicing kit avoids the need to purchase and install an entirely new racking systems or at the least new uprights. By bolting the ‘splice’on top the existing frame we can add an extension frame of your desired height on top, we then use standard bracing designed to strengthen the frame and ensure it stays rigid. We can then supply the necessary beams to extend the system.

Note:Splicing is ideal for budget extensions. However with all budget fixes there are conditions which stipulate its use. For example frames can only be extended if they are designed to take the weight which will be exerted by the new beam levels. We can only splice systems which we can still source parts for, usually from the manufacturer of the original racking systems. We cannot attach one make of racking to another as the bracing will not line up and it cannot be bolted together, simply the system would not be safe to use.

So as long as we can find suitable extensions for your racking and can guarantee the current system is suitable for an extension a splicing system could be exactly what you are looking for

If you would like more information on our ‘splicing’ systems please contact us on 0800 876 6760 or email us:

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