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Is Drive in Pallet Racking right for your Warehouse?

09 March 2012

With many different types of pallet racking system available on the market it can be difficult deciding which system is right for you.

Here is a little background on how a Drive In pallet racking system works, for more information  you can always rely on our pallet racking consultants who provide a full explanation on site and a proposals based on your requirements if this description is not adequate.

A Drive in pallet racking system utilises 60-80% more warehouse space than a standard adjustable pallet racking system, by removing the need for feed corridors. Ideal if you have a large number of pallets that need storing in a small warehouse area.

Drive in Pallet Racking is designed for pallets which are slow moving or have a long storage history where accessibility is not an important factor. Such as in cold stores or where products are transported in batches.

Drive In racking is a L.I.F.O system which stands for Last In First Out, this means the first pallets added to the racking go right to the back, these cannot be accessed until the front pallets have been removed.

During Installation M R S Storage Solutions Ltd installers understand uniformity is essential, each rack is individually levelled and lined up to make sure the entire system is level.
Each row of racking consists of support bars connected to the rack which the pallets sit on, these bars are designed to take specific sized pallets of a certain weight. Pallets are stacked from the bottom up, first the ground floor pallet up to the top followed by the next row.

Each aisle is a little larger than the pallet size, as a result guide rail is installed to ensure the fork lift or reach truck does not touch the racking system and potentially damage it. Guide rail is usually made from 10mm steel or installed as a wire guidance system .

Drive In Racking is ideal when maximising potential storage locations on a pallet location based budget.
If you would like more information on pallet racking systems please visit the racking section of our website.

To take advantage of our FREE quotation and site survey service please CONTACT US ON 0800 876 6760.

At M R S Storage Solutions ltd we always promise to provide the best quality and most appropriate pallet racking systems to fit your needs. We have extremely experienced project managers who provide excellent advice, a knowledge in racking is not required, we simply try to provide a little about our racking so you may feel a little at ease about the racking systems available. 

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