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UEI Cube used for nuclear power plant pipe monitoring

20 March 2012

Learn how m+p international uses UEI’s PowerDNA Cubes in remote monitoring of piping systems in a power plant

Piping in nuclear power plants is exposed to severe environmental conditions. For safety rating it is mandatory to inspect the piping systems thoroughly. However, inspection of piping systems in nuclear power plants is not easy in practice because of their length and the radioactive environment.

 Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power have selected m+p international’s Coda data acquisition system for remote piping monitoring in real-time at their Wolsong Power Plant in Gyeongju, South Korea. The Coda system measures the static and dynamic data of all steel pipes throughout the plant. The networked monitoring system consists of the Coda acquisition software installed on a standard PC and DAQ instruments which are located directly at the pipes.

The DAQ instruments at the pipes are Ethernet-based cube I/O chassis from United Electronic Industries. These very compact and rugged instruments are compatible with a wide variety of I/O boards for voltage input, current input, thermocouples, strain gauges, RVDT/LVDT, digital I/O, counter, etc.

Contact Sarsen Technology, UEI’s representative in the UK, on +44 1672 511166 for more information.

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