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Housing Innovation Showcase

19 March 2012

The 2012 Housing Innovation Showcase in Dunfermline, Fife, is a joint project conducted by Fife Council and Kingdom Housing Association to test and showcase the many innovation housing solutions on the market.

In addition to evaluating the cost and energy performance of these systems, the project will provide sustainable and affordable housing for residents.

Working in partnership with Glenrothes based timber frame developer Lomond Homes, the A. Proctor Group and Energyflo Insulation Technologies have delivered 2 and 3 bedroom general needs houses using the revolutionary Jablite Dynamic Frame insulation system. By channelling incoming ventilation air through the building fabric, the Dynamic Frame system allows the timber frame walls to meet u-values of 0.15, in a 140mm stud, with no increase in wall depth, maximising internal space for the residents, while minimising their energy bills.

In addition to the dynamic insulation, the project also utilises
the Reflectatherm vapour control layer and Reflectashield-TF 0.73 breather membrane, also supplied by the Proctor Group, completing a comprehensive system-based approach to enhanced energy performance.

Further information on the Jablite Dynamic Frame system and reflective membranes can be found at www.proctorgroup.

The Housing Innovation showcase exhibition runs from 14th May – 1st June 2012 more information at

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