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Data Logging in Heavy, Off-road Trucks - UEI offer the perfect solution!

21 March 2012

UEILogger 600 Cube supporting a major manufacturer of industrial trucks, providing a compact, rugged DC powered logger that can not only monitor the analog and digital inputs normally associated with data logging, but can also monitor and log information from CAN-bus devices, RS-232 interfaces and GPS position and velocity data.

A major manufacturer of industrial trucks needed to build a data logger into each of their vehicles in order to monitor a wide variety of systems within the vehicles.

The UEILogger is the perfect solution. Not only does it provide the environmental (tested: -40° to 85°C), and physical ruggedness (50 g shock, 5 g vibration) required, the ability to select the I/O configuration from the wide variety of analog, digital, counter/timer, Serial, CAN and GPS interfaces ensures the logger can be configured to exactly match the requirement of the particular vehicle.

The logger also needs to be easily configured with different I/O configurations as many vehicles have unique I/O requirements. Once the data logging application is competed, data may be downloaded in two ways, depending on the usage of the truck. Data from trucks that return to main garage is obtained by simply removing the SD card from the logger, and copying the data into a PC for further analysis and archiving.

Trucks that remain in the field represented a different problem as it was prohibitively expensive to retrieve the physical SD card after each session. These vehicles were outfitted with CDMA-based high speed Cell Network interfaces. At the end of the session, the data can be downloaded by any host computer with access to the internet.

All United Electronic Industries products are developed, manufactured and supported in the United States. UEI is represented in the UK and Ireland by Sarsen Technology Ltd. Please visit for more details.

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