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Top Reasons why Automatic Doors are Chosen

22 March 2012

A customer survey by Global Automatics has revealed the top reasons why automatic doors are fitted.

Heading the list is that by doing so, door access becomes immediately DDA compliant.  Also user experience shows that automatic doors are welcoming to visitors providing unhindered access and consumers now expect to see them at most retail situations as well as hospitals, airports and hotels.

A big aspect of automatic doors is their ability to save energy by limiting heat loss in the winter months and cooling costs in the summer period.  And as automatic doors have clever built-in electronics, they can perform multiple tasks, in particular whilst allowing access during the day they can be programmed for secure access in the evening.  They also have a full diagnostics function and can link with fire alarms and control systems.

It is for all these reasons that Global Automatics’ new automatic swing door operator has already become an instant success.  Premier-Swing 85 is an automatic door operator designed specifically to automate existing swing doors of almost any type and of which there are millions in daily use. 

It’s a compact package just 85mm deep which sits above the door frame with an arm to the door itself.  In the majority of cases, it is a simple matter of screwing the head unit onto the wall, putting an arm on it and pressing a button.  All sensors are then plugged in, and the door is ready for automatic operation.  Where a bespoke installation is required, this is easily achieved with the many electronic features, useful for the installer and with a host of options to meet customer requirements.

For those who want more sophistication, Premier-Swing 85 has all the features built in with an innovative user-friendly self-diagnostic system via display to select multiple options but also to identity any faults on the system.  It has an advanced specification as standard, integrating with electronic locking systems, intercoms, building management systems, and is the only swing operator to facilitate battery back-up.   It also has dedicated inputs for activation sensors, press pads, safety sensors and electric locks. 

Capable of handling doors of any size up to 200kg weight, Premier-Swing 85 comes with an 18 month warranty. 

Further information on the new Premier-Swing 85 is available from Global Automatics on 0845 643 0013, email or visiting the company’s website

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