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It's not all about 'Flight' Simulators you know.....

26 March 2012

When someone says ‘simulator’, most people immediately think of ‘flight simulators’. However, in a bid to save money, as well as provide better, quicker and safer training, many organisations including the military, emergency services, and even public transport companies are moving to simulator-based training for their drivers. Any application where ‘driver’ error can cause damage or threaten safety, or where better driver performance can increase safety or performance, is likely be simulated.

Military trainers in particular are basing much of their driver training on very complex and realistic simulators. The simulator can provide a realistic experience of driving a tank, personnel carrier or MRAP in a convoy, at night, under heavy fire.

These are real conditions that are very difficult to train for in actual vehicles. For the same reasons as the flight simulator industry, UEI’s RACKtangle has become the standard for a wide variety of companies building ground vehicle simulators. The combination of small footprint and real-time update speed make UEI’s RACKtangle an ideal ground simulator solution. Interestingly, UEI’s wide selection of I/O capabilities is often more critical in ground simulators than flight.

In addition to the standard analog and digital I/O, most military ground simulators also require a combination of serial, CAN, ARINC-429 and/or MIL-1553. UEI’s support for all of these functions has helped them become a leader in this market. All United Electronic Industries products are developed, manufactured and supported in the United States. UEI is represented in the UK and Ireland by Sarsen Technology Ltd.   Please visit for more details.

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