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North East Mezzanine Floor Removals

27 March 2012

“M R S Storage Solutions Ltd are mezzanine floor specialists, based in the North East of England we are highly experienced in designing, supplying and installing of mezzanine floors and mezzanine flooring for industrial, commercial and retail environments. “

As part of our mezzanine floor services we offer a full mezzanine floor ‘rip-out’ removal service through the North East and the UK.
Our highly comprehensive service includes all industrial mezzanines, commercial mezzanines and retail mezzanines of all sizes and shapes.
If you are moving premises and want to take your mezzanine floor with you, we will strip it down, arrange for transportation and rebuild your mezzanine at your new premises.

We can provide building regulations approval in your new premises as well as any additional requirements, such as fire rating, additional staircases, pallet gates etc. Our experienced North East mezzanine rip out service includes a mezzanine floor safety check before we remove the floor and after we install it and ensures that all components are marked up, that all the nuts/bolts and screws that have been used in the original floor installation are correct and that the condition of the floor is suitable for use.  

If you are moving premises or would simply like to remove a mezzanine floor that is taking up space required for industrial machinery or access, M R S Storage Solutions Ltd provide a full removal service complete with scrappage if required or resale if the mezzanine is in good condition.

As a North East based company our mezzanine floor removal services are highly comprehensive and extremely competitive, our North East based removal experts specialise in mezzanine floor removal and have created a flawless system for the quick, clean and safe removal of mezzanine floors for scrappage or relocation.

For more information please visit our website or contact us on 0800 876 6760 for a quick quotation.

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