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Mezzanine Floor Safety Checks

27 March 2012

“M R S Storage Solutions Ltd are mezzanine floor specialists, based in the North East, providing a UK wide mezzanine floor design, supply and installation service of industrial, commercial and retail mezzanine floors.”

M R S Storage Solutions provide highly comprehensive storage solution safety checks, these include racking safety inspections and mezzanine floor safety checks.

Pallet Racking Checks are common in warehouses and are an important part of warehouse safety and health and safety policy, however just as important and often overlooked our mezzanine floor safety checks.

Mezzanine Floors are extremely durable and can last the lifetime of a business or building, however like any other business investment they need to be treated right. Regardless of whether your mezzanine floor is a small scale 2.6 Kn/m2 mezzanine floor used for office or a 10 kn/m2 industrial manufacturing mezzanine floor it is essential that the floor is fit for purpose.

M R S Storage Solutions Ltd provide an unbeatable mezzanine floor safety inspection service. Our mezzanine inspections include all:

  • Uprights,
  • Beams,
  • Perlins,
  • Flooring,
  • Fire rating,
  • Staircases,
  • Handrails
  • Additional mezzanine facilities such as pallet gates or lifts.
Any problems that require immediate attention will be instantly reported to the client, any issues that require attention in the near future or need to be watched will be reported in the mezzanine inspection report which also provides all material lists that may be required.

If you have inherited an existing mezzanine floor in your premises or purchased a second hand mezzanine floor, we can carry out the necessary calculations and provide accurate load bearing signs based on the original floor design. It is essential to know the loading of your floor as over loading can cause a collapse and risk lives.

As mezzanine floor experts based in the North East we provide highly comprehensive and competitive mezzanine floor safety checks through the North East and UK.

If you would like more information on our mezzanine floor safety checks or like a free quotation please contact us on 0800 876 6760 or 0191 276 1523.

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