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27 March 2012

‘M R S Storage Solutions Ltd are UK based suppliers and installers of all types of office partition systems including fully demountable and relocatable glass and frameless glazed office partitions, ISO and OHSAS accredited M R S Storage Solutions Ltd provide a high quality and value for money service from the North East through the UK.’

As an independent company M R S Storage Solution Ltd have an extensive range of office partitions from partition manufacturers including Tenon, Apton, Komfort and Hoyez. Our independent status ensures we can provide the most suitable office partitions in the UK for our clients based on their requirements alone.

Our extensive range of glass office partitions has just grown to include fully demountable and uniquely relocatable framed and frameless glass partitions. From our base in North East England we can supply and install these glass partitions anywhere in the UK.

Why Relocatable Glass/Glazed Partitions?  

Most glass office partitions are demountable, so should you move premises or no longer need the partitions they can be stripped down, however very few can be reused without the additional cost of new frames and fixings that cannot be recovered from the original fix.  Most demountable partitions also require a ceiling fix, once this is removed it is clear that a partition has been there.

Our range of demountable and fully relocatable UK glass office partitions do not require a ceiling fix through a clever design, this means once removed there is no sign the glass partition was ever there. Through a clever installation method the framework can be removed and rebuild in half the time of a standard glass partition and is guaranteed to work time and time.

Other benefits include a panel installation method that means individual panels can be replaced if damaged or with door or solid panels if required without having to remove an entire glazed wall.
Our relocatable glass partitions are available single or double glazed, with integrated blinds and with custom or bespoke glass manifestations.

Our relocatable glass partitions are perfect if you have plans to expand your business and will continue to need larger and larger spaces, as the partitions can move to new premises with you or increase a room area,or if you require temporary work areas such as meeting rooms or impressive reception areas for clients. Glass partitions are a great way to provide privacy in certain areas of the office without sacrificing natural light or the impression of size or openness.

Our unique relocatable glass partitions are a worthy business investment, they are extremely good value for money and highly comparable to standard demountable partitions, and as they can be used again and again are a sound investment.

For more information on our unique demountable glazed office partitions please call us on 0800 876 6760 / 0191 276 1523 to arrange a free survey and quotation

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