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The M R S Storage Solutions Ltd Scrappage Scheme

27 March 2012

‘M R S Storage Solutions Ltd provide the best quality storage solutions from a North East base, around the UK, these include cost effective mezzanine floors, pallet racking systems, shelving solutions, office and industrial partitions.’

As part of our commitments to providing the best quality and cost effective services in the North East and through the UK we would like to promote our ever growing scrappage scheme.

Many clients who ask us to quote for a storage project often ask us, if there is any way to utilise their existing racking or mezzanine within a new system. Sometimes this is achievable, other times the racking or mezzanine floor is simple not suitable or not fit for purpose, if this is the case it is useless and would be dangerous to consider using.

The best option; as part of our services we can strip down and scrap your old racking/mezzanine floor to help offset the cost of your new mezzanine floor or racking system. 

Depending on your old system the new racking savings can be quite substantial. Every job Is discussed during a free quotation survey, at which time we will gather enough information to calculate your potential savings on a new system.

The M R S Storage Solutions Ltd Scrappage Scheme is available through the UK and can be an extremely cost effective way to correctly utilise your storage needs.

For more information please visit our website or contact us on 0800 876 6760 for more information.

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