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JCS Tamtorque® an Olympic Champion

29 March 2012

With over 61 years experience of manufacturing Worm-Drive Hose Clamps, JCS Hi-Torque Ltd are still going from strength to strength with new innovative products.

Already considered as the premium brand in the UK, with a name for quality second to none, their exports throughout the world continue to grow fast.

For instance; In the marine industry the JCS Hi-Grip Stainless® hose clamp, with Lloyd’s Type Approval, is the market leader with all the major boat manufacturers specifying them for their production. The marine aftermarket, also, across Europe rely on Hi-Grip Stainless to stay afloat.

The JCS Hi-Torque clamps, also Lloyd’s Type Approved, have become extremely popular for sealing wire-reinforced hoses in the marine, offshore and industrial markets due to their incredible strength. So much so that inferior copies are beginning to emerge from the Far East in an attempt to muscle in on the market.

However, the star of the Hi-Torque clamp family is the JCS Tamtorque® sign fixing clamps.

Used for fixing signs, banners, waste bins, securing lighting control boxes and even fixing speed cameras, Tamtorque® clamps have been specified for fixing banners and signs at the Olympic Games this summer in the UK.

Tamtorque® with its patented buckle and tamper resistant screw is now used across the world where its strength and ease and speed of assembly have considerably reduced the cost of sign fixing.

Tamtorque® sign fixing clamps have already been used to promote the Games in London by clamping advertising banners across the city. Due to their ease of assembly and removal they will be used also to promote and guide visitors to the later Paralympics games to be held later in the year and help keep the costs down.

To find out more about JCS Tamtorque® sign fixing clamps please visit our website

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