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Benefits of Relocatable Partitions for Office Tenants

29 March 2012

If you are an office tenant it can be difficult finding the right office space, whether you are an expanding SME or a large business expanding into a new city, you don’t want to be tied into an office agreement you may out grow in 6 months and you don’t want to invest in a larger office that feels too big and empty.

At M R S Storage Solutions Ltd we have the answer - Our unique relocatable office partitioning!!

If your office space is too large we can supply and install a range of solid, glazed and frameless relocatable office partitions that create the necessary space and provide additional area within the office such as meeting rooms, kitchens, changing facilities or storage rooms etc. Once your expansion plans come into force the relocatable partition walls can be stripped down (demounted) and rebuilt where required or stored for future use.

Additional Tenant Details:

Our unique range of relocatable partitions require limited fixings and no ceiling fix through a clever installation process which allows all the strength and stability of a normal partition with the practicality and versatility of a relocatable partition, this means once removed will leave no trace of existence.

As they are relocatable you can take our partitions with you when/if you move premises, making them a long term investment, (they don’t need to be ripped out when leaving and scrapped), or have potential resale value to future tenants or landlords.

Our unique relocatable partitions can be individually removed and replaced if damaged or if a panel needs to be replaced or if a panel needs to be replaced with a door or glazed panel, without the need to strip an entire partition, making them extremely versatile.

The installation process of our uniquely relocatable partitions is half that of a standard partition and are extremely high value for money. A relocatable partition is often exempt from additional building rates and landlords are far more lenient with a system that can be removed when you leave that office.

For more information on our UK wide demountable and relocatable office partitions, you can call us on 0800 876 6760 or 0191 276 1523 or email us on

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