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Drivewayfix is sealing the future of domestic drives

30 March 2012

RJC Building & Paving have recently completed another successful ‘Drivewayfix’ project, giving a new lease of life to a domestic driveway.

Experienced Drivewayfixer, RJC Building & Paving, have left another homeowner reaping the benefits of the Drivewayfix range of driveway restoration products, following the application of Seal & Stop. The homeowners had battled with consistent weed growth and much of the jointing sand had been washed away on their paved driveway.

Calling upon their local Drivewayfixer, RJC Building & Paving were soon on hand to restore the drive to its former glory. Dried kiln sand was used to re-point the paving before Seal & Stop was applied.

Applied using a watering can, Seal & Stop binds sand particles together sealing the surface of the paving preventing jointing sand from being washed away.Seal & Stop prevents future weed growth as it creates a barrier that weeds struggle to break through.

The 80sqm project was completed with ease and on time, leaving the homeowners, and their neighbours, impressed with the results.

Want to become a Drivewayfixer?

Becoming a Drivewayfixer is easy. Get in touch and you will be invited to join the team on a Drivewayfixer training day where you will learn all you need to know about the products, and be set on the path to increasing your skill set. As soon as you sign up you will receive a starter pack including flyers, quote sheets, pens, van stickers and post-it notes to promote your new business venture.

As an added benefit, Drivewayfix will forward all online enquiries in your local area straight to you, so you can provide a Drivewayfix quote directly.

With many contractors on board already, you would be crazy to miss this opportunity for your own skilled business.

For further information on the range of products from Drivewayfix, or for more information on becoming an approved contractor, please email or call 01827 254469.

To contact RJC Building & Paving please email

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