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Priorclave incentive for steamy affair

17 April 2012

UK Autoclave manufacturers Priorclave, are giving away a Kindle for all confirmed orders placed from April to July.

Aside from this years Golden Jubilee celebrations, British autoclave manufacturers, Priorclave, have launched their own Jubilee Promotion, running from April to July.

Over the four months, Priorclave will reward all confirmed orders with an Amazon Kindle – the e-book reader with the facility to browse, purchase, download and read e-books, newspapers, magazines and other e-media. In addition to serving as an incentive to buy British designed and manufactured products, it also celebrates Priorclaves' 25 years as an autoclave manufacturer.

Priorclave is proud of its British heritage and believes the “made in Britain” label has helped influence purchasers of quality, reliability and superior performance. With a large choice of standard steam sterilisers and an option to re-engineer and build in-house, enables Priorclave to satisfy most bespoke applications.

Priorclave Ltd Managing Director, Tony Collins;

“Our build flexibility is very much key to our continued success”.

Priorclave manufacture one of the most comprehensive ranges of steam sterilisers, so taking part in their Jubilee Promotion shouldn't be difficult for anyone looking to purchase an autoclave. Standard Priorclaves are available as benchtop or floor standing, top or front loading, round and rectangular chambers up to 700 litres.  Like most autoclave suppliers, Priorclave offer a range of options to increase functionality, however the big difference in  buying from Priorclave is that virtually all the ‘extras’ are available on all sterilisers, even the smaller autoclaves.

The vast choice in product specification has meant that UK sales have remained buoyant for Priorclave, whilst their export sales, particularly across Europe, Asia and the Middle East have grown considerably, which is extremely good news for Priorclave and excellent news for the British government looking to promote increased exports to help the British economy.

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