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Croft filter helps turn waste into animal food

18 April 2012

They say that one mans rubbish is another mans treasure and a unique new filter from Croft Engineering is proving just that.

Croft Engineering Services has designed from scratch, a filter unit using 3 way ball valves that helps filter a waste product to produce a useable material.

Recycling and waste disposal company John Pointon wanted to filter liquid from animal products, that would have previously been taken away as waste, to leave a product that could be dried and used in animal food. The system had never been tried before and the company approached Croft to make it happen in a short time frame.

Croft Engineering's Peter Stuart;

"This is a totally new piece of engineering that went from paper to product in a matter of weeks. We knew what would work and it was a matter of working closely with the client throughout the process to ensure we met their requirements".

The product was needed quickly and Croft turned the order around in under eight weeks. Croft's design and engineering team made several visits to the company's manufacturing site and from initial discussions and drawings came up with a completely new product.

It required more than 140 design hours to produce the unit, which included two 3 way ball valves, which were procured from a specialist company. Each valve was six inches across and was housed in a stainless steel unit used in the first stage of the filtering process.

The liquid is fed through two large cylinders of around two metres in height, each containing a basket filter with 20mm apertures. The 3 way ball valves help the liquid move between the two sides of the unit, and mean one side can be shut down while the other is in use.

The whole kit has been manufactured in stainless steel to withstand erosion from acids in the liquid.

Croft Partner Neil Burns;

"This shows once again the ingenuity of our team in finding solutions to meet our customers' needs".

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