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Micro Breweries are flavour of the month

18 April 2012

There is an old saying that when waiting at a bus stop you can never be assured when one will arrive, then all of a sudden they all arrive at once – which is exactly what Croft Engineering Services have encountered in one particular business sector – micro breweries.

One particular local brewery – George Wrights of Rainford, St Helens, contacted Croft to see if they could supply new filters for their site and if possible improve the existing filter design.

Their new brewery is a fully computer controlled 25 barrel plant housed in a 7000 square foot building and is probably the most advanced microbrewery in the UK, producing both consistent and high quality ales to demand.

Whilst the existing filters did the job they were not durable enough and didn't last as long as expected. Croft was supplied one of the old filters by Keith Wright, proprietor of the brewery to examine and replicate.

Having a great deal of experience within the brewing industry, Croft proposed to strengthen the new filter using outer and inner perforated cylinders as opposed to just mesh, which the original filter was made of.

Two filters were manufactured and upon receipt of them Keith commented;

"The new filters manufactured by Croft Engineering are far superior both in design and manufacture compared to my existing filters and both are now working successfully at the brewery. Both filters where manufactured within days and at a very reasonable cost. I would certainly use Croft Engineering again."

Neil Burns of Croft Engineering said;

"Its always good to help a customer where you can actually sample the results of our innovative design and manufacturing capabilities. This is one job we will drink to."

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