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Vivalda is specialised in fabrication and distribution of high performance decorative cladding panels, rain screen cladding, building boards and fire protection boards from stock. Vivalda supplies all the leading brands including Trespa, Marley Eternit, Prodema, Steni, Rockpanel, Bauclad, Pyroc and more... Decorative Cladding Panels Vivalda decorative cladding boards are designed to fit with the latest exterior cladding industry trends characterised by smoother lines and brighter colours which is evident in the appearance of façades, fascias, soffits, gables, eaves and window panels finished with decorative cladding. This not only projects a great look, but offers an economic and maintenance free exterior. The range of decorative cladding Vivalda distributes allows unlimited creative opportunities for designers to produce aesthetically interesting projects. Vivalda's portfolio of decorative cladding is manufactured from various natural materials and finishes, providing a wide choice of product options. Including cement bonded particle boards, high pressure laminate, stone aggregate, fibreglass and aluminium composite means you can be certain Vivalda has the right product for any aesthetic finish or project. Vivalda positioned itself in the market as a major cladding fabricator and cladding supplier of moisture resistant panels and impact resistant panels adaptable and suitable for any exterior cladding application. Vivalda decorative boards have many advantages including: * High impact resistance * Lightweight and easy to install * Maintenance free stain and graffiti resistant * Lightweight and strong * Great range of surface finishes * Easily fabricated * Extensive colour range Tensile strength and elasticity combine to make decorative cladding panels extremely strong and gives high impact resistance. Some of the most hardwearing materials available are used in the production process to ensure that every panel retains its integrity for many years to come. Being impervious to the extremities of weather and with an impregnated UV layer, decorative cladding is long lasting and hardwearing. These cladding panels have been tested in some of the most extreme climates from -20°C to 80°C. The secret of decorative cladding's versatility is its lightweight, strong, durable and colourfast qualities. Along with the attractive aesthetic appeal and hardwearing properties it is also maintenance free, cost effective and available in a fire retardant grade with a class O rating. With such wide ranging stock levels, an extensive colour choice and various aesthetic finishes, Vivalda can accommodate your rain screen cladding requirement. General Purpose and Fire Protection Boards Vivalda supplies a wide range of general purpose building boards, non-combustible and limited combustibility fire protection boards to the construction industry. With their head office in London and branches in Birmingham, Manchester and Hull, Vivalda offers fast and efficient service throughout the UK. Vivalda's sales staff has many years of experience in building board UK market, allowing them to give unbiased product options. This independence allows a policy of clear cut, straight forward advice to their customers. By using Vivalda all your boards will be delivered ready to use with no further work required. This is done via their cut to size service that will save you time, energy and money compared with on-site fabrication. With Vivalda's unbiased expert advice offering a wide range of product options, their cut to size service and a nationwide distribution and sales network, all of your general purpose and fire protection building board needs will be met. Vivalda stocks all the major brands available in addition to some up and coming products new to the UK marketplace, providing a full spectrum of general purpose and fire protection boards. With the wide range of brands Vivalda stock their expert knowledge and un-biased advice every sales enquiry is offered the most suitable and economical product for the application. This freedom of choice allows Vivalda to offer similar and approved products holding the same qualities but at a lower price Vivalda's general purpose and fireproof boards offer exceptional strength, impact and moisture resistance, ease of use and working installation. Main applications for these boards are: * House builders * Main contractors * Shop fitters * Builders merchants * Agricultural buildings * Roofing and cladding * Thermal and engineering industries * Sectional building manufacturers * External rendering * Suspended ceilings * Flooring and walling Cement bonded particle boards also known as cp boards, CPBP, Building Boards, CP boards, Backer Board, Carrier Panel, Sheathing Board are also available at Vivalda. All the boards have different characteristics and strengths to meet specification requirements. Vivalda can assist you with any technical details upon request. The general product make-up of all these boards is wood chip, Portland cement, wood mineralisation materials and water Composite Panels Vivalda's Hull branch team is well known as Vivalda's composite panel specialist. With an in house CNC press brake, Vivalda is able to manufacture such bespoke products as cill sections, flashings and trims. All types of composites are made to the highest degree of accuracy, including high pressure laminate, aluminium, stone aggregate, GRP, colour coated steel or leather grain plastisol. Vivalda can cut and fabricate your composite panels to any size and shape! This will save you time and money by reducing waste and maximising workforce potential. Vivalda has expanded the Hull branch to double the capacity to manufacture and supply composite panels. The additional warehousing has also significantly increased the stockholding of decorative cladding, providing the possibility of supplying major brands from stock. Cladding Boards Brands Vivalda ltd positioned itself as a major cladding supplier in UK, providing all the leading brands such as Trespa, Rockpanel, Steni, Cembrit, Prodema, Marley Eternit, Vivalda Lamina, Max, Composites. Vivalda supplies all the major cladding brands product included: * Athlon, Meteon, Virtuon, Toplab from Trespa * Rockclad, Rock Profile, Structure, Rockwool from Rockpanel * Nature, Colour, Imago, duo, Terra, Effect, Stoneflex, Brick Effect, Modulflex, anti-slip, Agri flex, Flexstone from Steni * Metro, Edge, True, Fusion, Cembonit, Cempanel, HD, Multi-purpose from Cembrit. * Prodex, Prodin, Neptuno, Proligna, Supra, Laminium, Auditorium, from Prodema. * Natura, Natura +, Natura Pro, Eterboard, Lamina external, Cedral Weatherboard, Operal, Pictura, Textura from Marley Eternit. * Lamina Massief from Vivalda lamina General Purpose and Fireproof Boards Brands Vivalda are independent suppliers of all the major brands of building boards and fireproof boards such as Promat, Marley Eternity, RCM, Fermacell, Cembrit, and Viroc. Vivalda also offers a wide range of Cement Bonded Particle Boards also known as CPBP, Building Boards, CP boards, Backer Board, Carrier board or Sheathing Board. The main fire protection boards supplied are: * Supalux and Masterboard from Promat * Duripanel, Bluclad, Versapanel, Cedral Weatherboard, New Pyroc, Bluclad and Hydropanel from Marley Eternit * Cemboard and Superflex from RCM * Cempanel from Cembrit. Composite Panels brands Vivalda, in particular the Hull branch, also supplies Composite Panels. The main brands supplied are: * Trespa * Aluminium * Steel * GRP * Plastisol * Stone Aggregate board The Branches Established in 1999, Vivalda has made a name for itself as one of the leading suppliers of decorative cladding and building boards to the construction industry. With its head office in London and branches in Birmingham and Hull, Vivalda can offer a fast, efficient and reliable cladding service across the UK. Vivalda delivers in its own trucks, but there is also the possibility to pick up stock from one of our branches in: * London (cladding and building boards) - see above * Hull (cladding , building boards and composite panels) - Courtney Street, Mount Pleasant HU8 7QF- 01482 310865 * Birmingham cladding and building boards) - Unit 6, Motorway Trading Estate, Aston B6 4BS - 0121 333 7373 * Manchester (cladding and building boards) - Unit 4B Parkway Trading Estate Alba Way, Trafford Park M32 0TL - 0161 865 5551 * See Vivalda contact page Services and Delivery By using Vivalda you can be assured of a complete service, from helping design or layout your cladding to COSHH or health and safety information for the finished maintenance manual. Vivalda's sales team has been selected for technical expertise and industry knowledge, enabling their customers to call upon a varied and vast wealth of expertise. Working in harmony with Vivalda's sales team is the latest computer software, giving their customers a highly advanced estimation service equipped to deal with any size of project. Further benefits available at Vivalda are: * Complete cladding and building boards quotation service (cladding/building boards/composite panels) * Technical advice and support (cladding/building boards/composite panels) * Onsite training (cladding/building boards/composite panels) * Decorative cladding and general purpose building boards samples and literature (cladding/building boards/composite panels) * Drawing estimation for external cladding/building boards (cladding/building boards/composite panels) * Technical site assistance (cladding/building boards/composite panels) * Assisted site measure (cladding/building boards/composite panels) * Product guarantee (cladding/building boards/composite panels) Supplying the UK cladding market with all the leading manufactures from Europe Vivalda can cater for any application. Coupled with this is an expert sales team able to offer technical advice, provide quotes and samples, estimate from drawings and offer full site assistance. Vivalda has strategically situated depots across the UK, with their head office and main fabricating workshop in London and branches in Manchester, Birmingham and Hull. Vivalda's branches are conveniently located to offer fast, efficient and reliable service throughout the country. Vivalda mobile pallet loader enables it to get across the hardest terrain to safely deliver the boards on site. You just need to specify you need this service when placing an order for any decorative cladding panel or building board. Being the sole stockist of such a large and varied portfolio of products in London provides Vivalda and its customers with a definitive strategic advantage. Vivalda's location allows access to all the benefits of being in the big city, and the ability to supply our customers promptly in what is one of the biggest construction industry markets in the world. Vivalda Today Established in 1999, Vivalda has made a name for itself as one of the leading suppliers of decorative cladding to the construction industry. Vivalda growth is testament to the convenience of having pre-cut building boards and decorative cladding delivered straight to customer's sites - no waste, no damage, no problem! In these constrained times in UK, while many companies are cutting the extra services and support to their offer, Vivalda has found its opportunity to expand. With the opening of a new branch in Manchester (cladding and building boards), the introduction of a brand new Panhams computerised beam saw to increase the existing production capacity for the London and Manchester branches and a new computer aided programmable beam saw to increase the production capacity for Hull branch, the recruitment of new staff to fulfil the constant growth in the cladding market supply, Vivalda has demonstrated how a solid, highly efficient and convenient service can proliferate also in difficult economical conditions. Vivalda has 9 current brochures (decorative rain screen cladding, lamina external, high performance cladding panels, fireproof boards, accessories, insulate and composite panels) available for download and in print that offer guidance and independent product opinion on all the market leading boards, how to fix them, and available colour charts. Our contract managers will visit your site to provide technical advice and estimates, and we will assist you all the way to delivery in our own trucks with off-load facility. Our 4 national workshops are second to none, and any cutting, shaping and drilling will be carried out expertly and on time. Vivalda's Environmental Policy Vivalda is aware that as a successful growing company it is responsible for the local environment, energy consumption, carbon emissions and own recycling. As an environmentally responsible company Vivalda has developed ways to contribute to these goals, with a view to continually improving environmental performance: * Vivalda encourages and monitors key partners and suppliers to attain and maintain recognised standards of environmental protection o Trespa - Produces external and internal high performance cladding materials; check for strong eco-credentials. Vivalda are the no. 1 distributor for Trespa in the UK. o Marley Eternit - Produces external and internal decorative cladding materials & building boards, check Marley Eternit website for strong eco-credentials. o Steni- Produces external and internal decorative cladding materials. Tests confirm that Steni cladding is among the most environmentally friendly products on the market. o Prodema- Produces external and internal high performance cladding materials check Prodema website for strong eco-credentials o Rockwool-Produces external and internal decorative cladding materials check for strong eco-credentials o Cembrit-Produces external and internal decorative cladding materials & building boards, visit Cembrit website for strong eco-credentials o Promat-Produces fireproof and general purpose building boards. Visit for strong eco-credentials * Vivalda sets environmental improvement objectives and targets and continuously assess the environmental effects of its products- cladding panels, fireproof and building boards, composite panels, accessories- projects, policies and operations. This applies to both resources and energy consumption during the production process as well as the final impact on the environment. * Vivalda is committed to pollution prevention and takes action in order to minimize the impact of dust, smoke, noise and traffic pollution. * Vivalda maximises the recovery process waste recycling pallets and raw materials. This process is also pursued on a more corporate basis: all staff is involved in those everyday small things such as the usage of recycled paper in the office, the effort to reduce CO2 emission grouping deliveries and using eco-friendly fleet cars, communication by e-mail etc... * The nature of insulate and weather resistant panels itself provides a positive benefit to the environment by reducing the need of heating fuels and air-conditioned area thanks to their heat insulation properties. * All employees are made aware of these policies through training and formal internal audits conducted at least once a year. Products and Services * Aluminium Composite * Builder Fixings * Building Boards * Building Fixings * Building Supplies - Grg Cladding * Cem Board * Cement - Bonded Particle Board * Cement - Particle Board * Cep Cladding * Cladding * Cladding - Acoustic * Cladding - Airboard * Cladding - Aluminium * Cladding - Buffalo Board * Cladding - Bullnosed Facia Boards * Cladding - Bully Board * Cladding - External * Cladding - Fascia Capping Board * Cladding - Industrial * Cladding - Internal, Decorative * Cladding - Multi-purpose Board * Cladding - Panels * Cladding - Profiles, External, PVC * Cladding - Profiles, Internal, PVC * Cladding - Reveal Liner * Cladding - Specialists * Cladding - Steel * Cladding - Stone * Cladding - Submarine * Cladding - Terracotta Rainscreen * Cladding - Trims * Cladding - Universal Board * Cladding - Window Boards * Cladding Rails * Cleaning - Cladding * Composite Flat Panels * Composite Insulated Roof Cladding Manufacture * Composite Insulated Wall Cladding Manufacture * Composite Insulated Wall Panels * Fasteners - Cladding * Fire Protection - Structural, Cladding * Fire Protection Boards * Fire Resistant Boards * Fireproof Boards * Fixings * Fixings - Clips * Fixings - Construction Industry * Fixings - General * Fixings and Fasteners * Framework - Building * General Purpose Boards * Glass - Cladding * Glazing - Composite Panels * GRP - Cladding * GRP - Cladding, Hygienic * GRP - External Cladding * Hills Buildings - Cladding Systems * Industrial Roofing and Cladding - Design Services * Industrial Roofing and Cladding - Estimation * Insulation - Composite Panels * Laboratory Worktops * Laboratory Worktops Cast Epoxy Resin * Laboratory Worktops Iroko * Panels - Aluminium Composite * Panels - Composite * Panels - Composite Fire Rated * Panels - Rain Screen * Panels - Steel Composite * Panels - Stone Aggregate * Particle Board - Products * Partitioning - Composite * Plastic - Biocidal Cladding * Position Fixing Systems * PVC - Cellular Profiles, Cladding * PVC - Roofline, Cladding * Rainscreen Cladding Boards * Render Board * Render Systems - Direct * Render Systems - External * Render Systems - Insulated * Roofing & Cladding Fixings * Roofing and Cladding * Roofing Panels - Composite * Sandwich Panels * Scaffold Cladding - Reinforced Plastics Sheet * Scaffolding - Cladding * Stone Aggregate Boards * Strip Cladding * Timber Fixings * Valves - Cladding Service * Wall Cladding * Wall Cladding - Brick * Wall Cladding - Hygienic * Wall Cladding - Stone * Weather Board * Weatherboard - Class O * Weld Cladding * Weld Overlay Cladding * Weld Overlay Cladding Services

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