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About us

Vulcascot Cable Protectors offer the world’s most comprehensive range of floor laid flexible cable protectors and traffic calming products featuring a wide selection of safety cable protector profiles catering for every application.

  • Crysclear ™
  • Hazard Warning Profiles ™
  • Industrial Profiles
  • Snap Fit™
  • Snap Top ™
  • Temporary Traffic Calming ™ range
Safety is now a major concern in the workplace with many injuries happening from falls, tripping or slipping etc. Injuries can occur by tripping or falling over loose cables strewn across the floor.  Using a cable protector by Vulcascot Cable Protectors allows you to cover up the cables ensuring the environment is safe.

Being a manufacturer of flexible cable protectors we ensure that loose electrical cables are a thing of the past. The cable can be easily loaded into the spacious cavity at the base of the protector and laid flat on the floor where people and trolleys even large vehicles can tread over without causing any damage to the cables inside.

Vulcascot Cable Protectors  can also be used on large power cables used in the construction industry.  Power cables seem to be getting bigger and bulkier than ever and as a consequence, more dangerous than ever, hence the need for a flexible cable protector that ensures cables are protected safely in a flexible cavity.

Cables protectors carry the cables safely around the office skirting with our giant, dual purpose protectors featuring unmistakeable yellow warning stripes to give advance warning to traffic in car parks and building (construction) sites are just two of the different profile styles available within this very popular cable protector range.

Vulcascot Cable Protectors are available from your local electrical wholesaler or direct from us. For more information, please visit the Vulcascot website or contact us via telephone or email.

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