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We decided to upgrade our system to include a ForgenTM wind turbine to charge the battery along with the solar panel. Since the upgrade the lights have been running 100% without any failure. Our experience shows that a solar/wind hybrid solution has been a success and keeps the battery charged day and night


We are always seeking to provide options for our client base that meets their needs. We have seen a growing interest in environmentally sustainable power solutions and we are frequently asked about wind and solar. We see the interest levels only increasing and are pleased to be working with Forgen Renewables on such a solution. The low noise and vibration coupled with a safer solution to our recreational boat owners pushed us toward a vertical axis wind turbine solution over that of the horizontal type design. The Forgen wind turbine provides a trickle charge to the 12V domestic battery on board which powers the majority of the electronics and appliances including the navigation equipment, TV, microwave, fridge and heating. This eliminates the need for shore power so our Members can still us the appliances and not have to worry about draining the battery even when they are at anchor or out on a mooring