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  • M8 Health Monitor

    The M8 monitor is fully approved by the National Weights & Measures Board to EC Directive 90/384/EEC Class III for non automatic weighing machines

  • Heskins Friction Roller Covering

    Heskins provide a range of anti slip solutions that are perfect for use as friction roller covering.

  • Greek Poultry Farm Evaporative Cooling Panels

    In poultry farms in Greece, when cooling panels become clogged with scale, extractor fans have to work much harder and remain on much longer, drawing air into and through the building.

  • Goole Hospital Water System

    Goole Hospital is run by the Scunthorpe Health Authority and is situated in a very hard water area with a water hardness of around 490 ppm.

  • The ‘free’ delivery myth

    When we’re quoting on an order, every so often, one of our customers is surprised when we say “Plus delivery”.

  • Choosing the right table bases

    Depending on your type of establishment, you might need a mixture of table base types: coffee, dining and poseur (typically used for people to drink at). If you have a garden or paved area, you might also need bases that are suitable for use outside. So, which base should you order?

  • Let's Do Business - Brighton 2017

    The Sussex Sign Company is very proud to announce that it has been selected as the headline sponsor of 2017’s Let’s Do Business Brighton Expo, which takes place on May 11th this year.

Articles 1 to 10 | Page 1 of 103

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