Web Traffic Revealer

Web Traffic Revealer

Identify sales leads you never knew you had

Turn leads into sales

Web Traffic Revealer is the UK's number 1 leading website tracking tool (powered by Lead Forensics data) that identifies anonymous businesses visiting your website, so you can turn them into sales ready leads.

Convert Faster

Your own customisable dashboard to give you instant access to all the website data you need to up your game and convert leads faster. You can make sure you are seeing only the vital information specific to your role.

Visitor Source

Never guess a lead source again. With Web Traffic Revealer you'll uncover which channels are really driving sales-ready leads by discovering the original source of every individual website visitor.

Visitor Lists

With Web Traffic Revealer you'll generate quality leads from your hard-earned website traffic to feed straight to your hungry sales team. Take control of your campaign results and never lose a lead again.

Company Data

Identify your daily web traffic and reveal their organization or company details in a way that has never been possible before. Details include:

Business Name
Names, positions and email addresses of key decision makers
Telephone Number

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In my first day using Web Traffic Revealer I contacted a company that had visited our site and this has led to them booking 2 people on our next ADR training course.
Darren Edwards, Llewellyn Europe Ltd.

I have been using the software for over 5 years, and it is my main source of converting new leads into new business.

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