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  • Customer: McLaughlin and Harvey

    Products installed: TBS Amwell Splash cubicles in Solid Grade Laminate (SGL), PDQ Vanity & Frame, PDQ Panel & Frame

  • Taxi Booking Software

    "Fueled by immediacy and pervasiveness of mobile technology, social networks are gaining unforeseen powers and spawning unexpected new behaviours. As the mobile social phenomenon unfolds we see it being applied in many different industries.

  • The Solano AT

    Comfortable, Safe, Calibrated - Digitally networked hot air blower

  • Discounts on dining furniture

    Summertime brings lots of discounts for all our clients, whether they are schools, universities, nurseries or office spaces in different institutions.

  • Grahame Gardner reveals innovative recycled scrubs

    Grahame Gardner has announced their new branded and manufactured scrubs made from 100 per cent recycled materials The stylish and sustainable scrubs, one of the first recycled scrubs in the UK, are made from recycled plastic bottles. Every minute, more than one million plastic bottles are sold worldwide, with 80 per cent of them ending up in landfill.

  • Drum Handling Equipment available for hire

    St Clare Engineering’s range of drum handling forklift truck attachments make quick work of handling all types of drums and barrels. Did you know you can rent Grab-O-Matic equipment direct from us for just a week, or for as long as you need it?

  • The benefits of social infrastructure

    Social spaces, public spaces , outdoor spaces - whichever you call it, the question is could you live without it?

  • Frontier Pitts Security Sliding Gate at Clancy HQ

    Clancy is one of the largest privately-owned construction firms in the UK. With over sixty years’ experience and a workforce of over 2,200, they have worked hard to develop a reputation as a well-run business offer essential services that help keep the UK running.

  • Guide to the Cycle-to-Work Scheme

    The cycle-to-work scheme is a tax incentive created to encourage companies’ employees to ride bikes to work. This scheme was introduced originally back in 1999. This scheme has environmental and health benefits. As it encourages people to start riding a bike that can improve their health and helps to decrease the amount of air pollution.

  • Another HAPPY customer....Eddy's Food Station....

    Harry sent us this photo of the forecourt sign we supplied as he was so pleased with our service.

Articles 1 to 10 | Page 1 of 2095

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