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  • Save up to 90% energy with new LED Luminaire

    The new LED Polaris is a new generation low bay luminaire from lighting specialist Fitzgerald Lighting.

  • The rise of knife crime in London

    Knife crime in London in recent months has risen to the highest ever recorded levels with 15,0000 offences being committee during last year according to official figures released by the Metropolitan police.

  • Why your hotel requires manned guarding

    Managing a hotel is undeniably a challenging task due to the continuous fluidity of guests coming onto and leaving the premises, essentially, making it difficult to keep tabs on security.

  • Why security services are vital for construction sites

    Construction sites enact as a tempting target for vandalism, scrap merchants and opportunistic thieves. It is common for a lot of construction sites to suffer some damage at various stages of a project, often repeatedly. In some cases, insurance companies will refuse to insure construction sites without any evidence of the security measures in place.

  • Introducing the Timesco TourniButton single use tourniquet

    The Timesco TourniButton single use tourniquet is a quality product offering savings when compared to other single use tourniquets available on the market. Protection from cross-infection. Easy to use and providing patient comfort.

  • Sealers Direct Ltd – News

    WEEDS, MOSS & ALGAE driving you crazy! - Stop moss, mould, weeds, green algae the easy way

  • New Managing Director for David Salisbury Joinery Ltd

    After a record-breaking 2018 for David Salisbury Joinery, by a number of different measures, the company is very pleased to announce the appointment of a new Managing Director as part of the next phase of their corporate development.

  • Eco’ Bremmer Hand Dryers

    Leaving a washroom with damp or wet hands is an annoyance that has happened to almost everyone: the hand dryer hasn’t worked well enough, and did nothing but heat your hands, instead of drying them as it should. When the queue behind you begins to build up, there’s nothing for it but to leave the washroom, shaking your hands like a hovering hummingbird.

  • Newcodent Closed Until 5th March 2019

  • Step up and shine 2019

    The NHF and Fellowship for British Hairdressing's search for the next winner of the Christofer Mann Step Up & SHINE Scholarship has now begun.

Articles 31 to 40 | Page 4 of 1682

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