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ACAM Instrumentation Ltd

  • 0160 (Display number) 01604 628700
23 Thomas Street
Northampton Northamptonshire NN1 3EN United Kingdom

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About us

ACAM Instrumentation is a leading UK supplier of strain gauge bonding services for semiconductor, foil & ceramic gauges. Formed over 30 years ago, ACAM instrumentation has been at the forefront of industry. Our many years experience and knowledge within the industry allows us to focus solely on the supply of strain gauge bonding services, sensors & transducers. Located in Northampton, we are totally committed to quality and personal service and such we can produce any quantity from one off specialist designs to large quantity production.

Strain gauging service – ACAM Instrumentation offer a complete strain gauging service. Metal work, supplied by the customer maybe strain gauged as required, providing the material is very elastic and the surface is suitably prepared. We can design sensors which we can strain gauge if required. We can strain gauge using semi-conductors, foil and ceramic strain gauges. 

Strain gauges – Ceramic strain gauges can be manufactured to specific design requirements. Our semi-conductor strain gauges can be backed with polyimide material allowing us to produce a strain gauge rosettes to any design.

Pressure - Our range of pressure transducers use the very latest ceramic, foil and semi-conductor technology. Available in both customer defined pressure and electrical connections the transducers are suitable for any application.  Benefits of our pressure transducers;

  • Temperature ranges up to 200 degC
  • Very high stability with time
  • Temperature compensation down to 0.003%/degC possible over temperature bands higher than 150 degC
Load – Our load cell range uses the latest technology to produce Shear Beam, Double Bending Beam, Bobbin and Cantilever Beam Load Cells. The load cells are available with customer defined mechanical interface and electrical connections. Benefits of ACAM Instrumentation loads cells include;
  • Temperature ranges up to 200 degC
  • Very high repeatability, stability and low temperature coefficients
  • We can manufacture using semi-conductor, foil & ceramic technology
Torque – ACAM’s torque cells use foil or semi-conductor allowing us to manufacture the torque sensors and transducers in either torque tube or bending beam technology with the mechanical interface nearly always to customer requirements. The electrical interface to customer requirements. Our torque transducer range is currently being used within the Military, Medical and general industrial fields. 

Temperature – Our temperature sensor range uses the latest in platinum resistance elements, thermistors and thermocouples. Sensors are tailored to customers needs from the length, thread, diameters and electrical interface. Amplified versions are available and made to order.

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