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Compressor Certification


Air Quality Limited will perform an initial visual inspection of the compressor also accessing its data screen. We also service, maintain and repair compressors.

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About us

Air Quality Ltd formerly Air Quality Assurance (AQA) is a business with 29 years experience in offering breathing and environmental air testing, aiding companies adhere to air quality legislation such as COSHH, HSE and BSI. To complement our air testing services we also supply a range of RPE and air filtration products.

Our breathing air and environmental air testing services include the following:

Breathing Air Quality Testing 
Current legislation states that air supplied to beathing apparatus should be checked every 3 months ensuring it passes current standards laid out in BSI BS529=2005 and COSHH EN12021=2014. We can carry out this service and provide you with necessary documentation to ensure current standards met. Air Quality Ltd also endeavour to schedule future air breathing tests, ensuring continued compliance and advise of any changing legislation making sure your certificates are always up to date.

Environmental Air Testing
Testing and monitoring breathing air quality is crucial for maintaining a healthy and safe environment, whether it's in offices, computer rooms, factories, garages, or even outdoor areas. By conducting tests according to customers' specifications, Air Quality Limited can identify and measure specific contaminants that may be present, helping to assess potential risks and take appropriate actions. Air Quality Ltd play a crucial role in promoting healthier and safer environments.

Lung Function Testing
The requirement for yearly lung function tests for employees using isocyanate paints is an important preventive measure to mitigate the risk of occupational asthma. Air Quality Limited's on-site testing service and prompt test results provide convenience and timely information for employers and employees. We can then supply Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE) safeguarding employees so they have the best form of protection.

Mask Face Fit Testing
Air Quality provide initial face mask fit tests making sure new air fed masks fit correctly to the user ensuring air safety is met. Tests are performed on site and all relevant certification is provided.  

Compressed Air Cylinder Certification
Air Quality Limited will perform an initial visual inspection of the compressor also accessing its data screen ensuring the air cylinder tank is in safe working order and is within it's allowed corrosion tolerance. We also service, maintain and repair compressors.

Legionella Disease Testing
Legionnaires' disease is a severe form of pneumonia caused by inhaling water droplets contaminated with the Legionella pneumophila bacterium. Legionella bacteria can be found in various purpose-built water systems, including cooling towers, evaporative condensers, and water storage tanks like whirlpool spas. To mitigate the risk of Legionnaires' disease, it is crucial to regularly test water samples from these systems to detect the presence of Legionella bacteria. Air Quality can conduct these tests, identifying any potential sources of contamination and providing appropriate measures to eliminate or control the bacteria to ensure the safety of individuals.

In addition to our air testing services, we also stock a wonderfully large array of PPE and RPE on our web shop which include air quality hoses, filtration units and elements, waistbelts, spare parts, fabric hoods, belt filter regulators, disposable masks, fabric face seals, protective goggles, protective gloves, overalls, pressure gauges and many other products of various brands and uses. Brands include Honeywell, SATA, Metalwork and Norgren.

We can assure you all services and products from us here at Air Quality Ltd are of the highest standards, ensuring a professional solution for overall health and wellbeing of environments and people.

We’ve been dedicated in providing air quality solutions for businesses of all kinds of sizes including the likes of shipyards, offices, workshops, laboratories, body shops and many others as well as residential homes.

We have great credibility and reputation and are proudly associated with the British Compressed Air Society (BCAS).

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Air Quality Ltd

Really helpful, great service.


Air Quality Ltd

I have no hesitation in recomending AQL to carry out Breathing Air Testing and looking after your masks. They have been providing us with a great service for many years. They are very professional and always able to help us if ever there's a problem or something new is required.


Air Quality Ltd

AQA have tested my breathing air quality for the last 10 years and have always been very professional, carrying out the work when it's needed to a very high standard. I have complete confidence in them and have used them with other companies that I have worked for. Air Quality take away all the worry from this part of my job, leaving me more time to give our customers at Renault a better service.


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