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About us

Ångström Technology offers comprehensive turnkey and modular solutions for the design and construction of cleanrooms. Our services extend well beyond the initial commissioning, encompassing validation, maintenance, cleanroom training, and the supply of consumables and equipment, ensuring effective contamination control throughout the entire lifecycle of your cleanroom.

For more than four decades, we have established ourselves as a reliable ally for numerous clients across the globe.

By prioritising your process needs, we create contamination control solutions designed to mitigate risks. As experts in cleanroom environments, we grasp the intricate and crucial aspects of complying with regulatory standards, and, above all, you can rely on us to guide you through the process.

Our Cleanroom Solutions Include:
Custom-Built GMP Cleanrooms

  • Mitigates the inherent risks associated with (bio)pharmaceutical manufacturing.
  • Provides defence against both viable and non-viable particles, along with preventing cross-contamination.

Custom-Built ISO Cleanrooms
  • A consistently controlled setting for the manufacturing of a dependable product.
  • State-of-the-art cleanrooms crafted to seamlessly integrate with your current facility.

Battery Dry Rooms
  • Options for single or multi-rotor low dewpoint Air Handling Units (AHUs) tailored to accommodate your budget, spatial requirements, and specifications.
  • Tailored, cutting-edge solutions suitable for battery and semiconductor production.

General & Smart Laboratories
  • Specialised supplementary provisions, including fixtures and fittings, benches, and pass-through hatches.
  • Integration of all specialised client equipment in the laboratory to ensure maximum compliance.

Biotech & Containment Suites
  • We will evaluate the applicable biocontainment laws and relevant operational parameters tailored to your needs.
  • Independent structures consisting of modular biocontainment suites are accessible.
… And more.
Our Services Include:

Cleanroom Design & Build

Ångström Technology provides a comprehensive array of services for cleanroom design and construction, catering to various budgets and classifications of controlled environment projects. Whether you require design-only packages or complete architectural fit-out services, our team of in-house specialists is equipped to assist you at every stage.

Validation & Requalification
ISO cleanroom validation and GMP cleanroom requalification involve the performance of a set of tests to determine whether a controlled environment is operating in alignment with process requirements and the relevant regulatory guidelines.

Cleanroom Operator Training
Frequently, the primary threat of contamination in a controlled environment comes from individuals and items. Our ISO and EU-GMP cleanroom training programs, certified by CPD, instruct participants on the connection between the proper execution of protocols and maintaining contamination control.

… And more.

Ångström Technology creates, constructs, and verifies cutting-edge critical environments. Whether tailored to your specifications or readily available, our selection of cleanroom solutions ensures the provision of the most suitable controlled environment for your processes.

Ångström Technology serves as a complete life-cycle provider for cleanrooms. Beyond designing and constructing high-quality critical environments, our proficiency extends to cleanroom validation and requalification, calibration of monitoring equipment, supply of consumables and equipment, regulatory governance consultancy and support, as well as training in operational efficiency. This extensive range of cleanroom services positions us to play a crucial role in safeguarding sensitive processes and maintaining the integrity of critical operations across various industries.

Being a prominent figure in the realm of cleanroom environments worldwide, we are dedicated to providing cutting-edge controlled environments to various industries across the globe. Our team of design and build specialists possesses extensive experience collaborating with clients from diverse sectors on an international level, consistently delivering outstanding results. We look forward to the opportunity to collaborate with you too!

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