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The Coach House
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Bath BA2 1RL United Kingdom

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About us

AP Technologies are a UK distributor of optoelectronic components with many years of experience supplying an extensive range of cutting edge technology from trusted suppliers.

Our products are used in a wide range of applications for industries including industrial, scientific, military, medical and hazard and threat detection.

We represent suppliers from across Europe, the USA and Japan including Opto Diode Corporation, Vertilon, AiT Instruments, LDX Optronics & Sensor Electronic Technology (USA); Adaptive Lighting (Ireland); QD Laser (Japan); LC-Tec Displays (Sweden); OtO Photonics (Taiwan) and FiboTEC Fiberoptics, IMM Photonics & Ketek (Germany)

Our technologies include Light Emitting Diodes, Laser Diodes & Thermal IR Emitters; Silicon Photodiodes, Silicon Photomultipliers (SiPMs) and Lead-Salt Detectors; Data Acquisition Systems and photon counting electronics; Liquid Crystal shutters, polarisation controllers and filters; UV, visible, NIR & SWIR spectrometers and light sources; and Fibreoptic components and instruments.

- Light Emitting Diodes & LED systems from UVC to Infrared
- Single- and multimode laser diodes and laser diode modules from 488nm to 1850nm
- Steady-State & Pulsable Thermal IR emitters

- Lead-Sulphide (1-3.1µm) and Lead Selenide (1-5.5µm)
- Multi-channel charge integrating Data Acquisition Systems (DAQs)
- Multi-channel photon-counting DAQs
- Silicon Photomultipliers (SiPMs)
- SiPM arrays & SiPM array readout electronics
- UV silicon photodiodes - responsive to <1nm for spectrometry, laser and ion/electron/x-ray detection
- Visible and NIR-enhanced silicon photodiodes

Liquid Crystal Optical Components
- Fast Optical Shutters
- Fast Polarisation Modulators and Variable Polarisation Rotators
- Switchable and Tuneable Colour Filters
- Variable Neutral Density Filters

Spectrometers & Light Sources
- 180-1100nm, 900-1700nm & 900-2500nm Czerny-Turner & Crossed-Cavity C-T spectrometers
- UltraCompact 200-900nm & 900-1700nm MEMS-based microspectrometers
- Broadband Halogen, LED & Deuterium light sources
- Spectral Measurement Systems
- SpectraSmart Windows GUI software, Windows & Linux SDKs

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