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About us

APS UK Ltd are recognised industry specialists in the design and implementation of systems for Materials Handling and Dust Extraction.

At APS UK Ltd, we possess more than five decades of safety knowledge seamlessly integrated with modern innovation. Our approach is both inventive and rooted, guided by clear and concise strategies that flexibly respond to the continually changing demands of the industry.

In addition to our extensive technical knowledge and experience, what sets APS UK apart is our sincere dedication to comprehending and adapting to your requirements. Furthermore, we hold approval as suppliers and stockists of Kongskilde products and are recognised distributors of reputable and high-quality filtration unit manufacturers.

Our Services Include:

Dust & Fume Extraction

Utilising effective dust extraction not only reduces waste but also enhances the value added to your business. This results in a reduced impact on productivity caused by the harmful effects of dust, increased production yields through the recovery of raw materials, and improved protection for your equipment and machinery, thereby reducing the financial burdens associated with maintenance and downtime.

Pneumatic Conveying & Storage
With more than fifty years of experience, we specialise in designing, delivering, manufacturing, and installing pneumatic conveying materials handling systems specifically customised for the plastics, paper, food, and chemical industries.

Trim Extraction
Ensuring optimal productivity and a clear, unobstructed workspace necessitates the immediate removal of waste at its source, a crucial requirement seamlessly addressed by our trim extraction service.

Waste Handling
APS possesses both experience and proficiency in managing waste generated within the plastic, packaging, and printing sectors.

Many businesses make significant investments in their processing equipment to gain a competitive advantage but frequently neglect the importance of effectively managing the process waste generated by such machinery.

Ducting Systems
Specialising in designing and providing ducting systems (Materials Handling Systems) and Dust and Fume Extraction Systems across a diverse range of industries.

Design & Installation
Once we have a comprehensive grasp of your specific requirements, our team of experts initiates the development of a customised solution perfectly aligned with the specifications of your facilities and operational needs.

LEV Testing & Installation
If your company undergoes processes that generate dust, mist, fume, gas, or vapor, there could be potential risks to your staff, and it is advisable to consider LEV testing.

Filters, Service & Aftercare
We specialise in delivering thorough filter replacements and proactive maintenance services, guaranteeing optimal operation of your filtration systems at the highest quality standard and in a cost-efficient manner.
Leveraging more than thirty years of expertise, APS UK offers a comprehensive service spectrum that extends from thorough consultation, creative design, and meticulous installation to rigorous commissioning and unwavering post-sales support. Our dedication to excellence is evident as we provide unmatched service to our valued clientele, contributing to elevated levels of workplace safety and productivity for your workforce.

Founded on a bedrock of proficiency, comprehension, and know-how, the APS UK team has been providing cutting-edge Dust & Fume Control Systems, Pneumatic Conveying Systems, and LEV Testing & Servicing for more than five decades.

In addition to our extensive technical know-how and considerable experience, what distinguishes APS UK is our sincere dedication to comprehending and addressing your requirements. We go beyond being a mere service provider; think of us as your collaborators, ensuring a secure and compliant workspace.


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