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Pasture Lane
Nelson Lancashire BB9 6RA United Kingdom

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Mechanical lubrication

Mechanical Lubrication from the established and proven design of the T&K Lubricator provides the versatility of the individual feed, adjustable stroke design, allows fine tuning of the lubrication system, delivering exactly the optimum amount of lubricant required.

Each individual pumping unit is precision built and can generate a pressure capacity of up to 10,000 PSI. When used in conjunction with the high pressure sight feed assembly the lubricator operates under normal working conditions of 4000 PSI providing adequate pressure to keep lubrication lines clear and flowing.

Pump Units

Lubricants can be fitted with Pump Units having any of the plunger sizes listed below. The displacements shown are for a maximum plunger stroke of .312 inches and an efficiency of 100% which will vary according to the application. Each Pump Unit with 50% water/50% glycerine filled sight feed tube is tested to 5000 PSI.

The input speed for direct rotary and lever driven lubricators should be within the range of 5 rpm to 100 rpm.

Ratchet drives should not exceed 300 rpm with a maximum angle of 7.7 degrees

Reservoir Tanks

Reservoir Tanks increase the lubricant volume in an assembly thus reducing the times a system has to be filled. The tanks can be above the lubricator using gravity feed or below using a supply pump to draw the lubricant to the lubricator. Tanks can be fabricated to the size required and supplied with any of the following spares;

  • Filler breather caps
  • Oil level gauges
  • Filler float valves
  • Low level alarm systems
Check valves / Non-Return Valves

We have an extensive selection of in line check valves and non return valves for permanent fixture applications. As with our pump units these valves will operate up to 5000psi. We have standard sized valves which can be adapted to individual customer specifications.

Brush Applications & Swan Neck Outlets

A range of brushes suitable for the clean and accurate application of oil or grease based lubricants to moving parts such as;
  • Roller chains
  • Crossheads
  • Gears etc
Flow Indicators

As with our check valves, the flow indicators can be in line or permanent fixture applications and also can be adapted to suit individual customer requirements.

Lubricants can be driven by the following methods;
  • Motorised reduction gear unit with various output speeds coupled direct to camshaft
  • Flange mounted spindle drive units (mounted vertically or horizontally) 
  • Lever driven by driving gear levers or ratchet assemblies connected to the tappet shaft 
  • Manual hand lever on tappet driven locators

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