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Basildon Chemical Co Ltd

  • 0123 (Display number) 01235 526677
Kimber Road
Oxfordshire OX14 1RZ United Kingdom

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About us

KCC Basildon Chemicals are a leading European manufacturer of silicone compounds, emulsions, greases, fluids and anti-foams, We supply our specialist silicone products worldwide via a well established network of distributors.

Based in Oxfordshire, KCC Basildon Chemicals have been at the forefront of producing high quality silicone products for use in numerous applications. For over 30 years, our silicone emulsions and anti-foams have been used in some of the world's biggest home brands with our market coverage expanding every year.

Our extensive technical knowledge and abilities within the industry mean that KCC Basildon Chemicals are ideally placed to satisfy your requirements for silicone products. Whether it's an off the shelf product from our standard range, or a bespoke product to meet a particular requirement, we can help solve your challenges or add value to your formulation.

Basildon silicone products include;

  • Non silicone antifoams
  • Silicone antifoams
  • Silicone blends
  • Silicone emulsions
  • Silicone fluids
  • Silicone greases

Our range of silicone applications include;
  • Agrochemicals - Antifoams & flow additives for fertilising crops
  • Car care - Silicones for enhancing the shine
  • Construction - Silicone emulsions for insulation & foams for cement slurries
  • Equine care - Silicone products for horse grooming
  • Fermentation - Fermentation defoamers
  • Food & Beverage - Food & Kosher grade antifoams
  • General industrial - Silicones for industry
  • Household care - Polishing & defoaming
  • Inks & coatings - Anti foams & flow additives
  • Personal care / cosmetics - Creating beauty with silicones
  • Pharmaceuticals - USP & EP Simethicones to GMP
  • Rubber & plastics - Silicone emulsions & greases for lubrication
  • Textiles - Deformers & Softeners
  • Water industry - Defoamers & WRAS Approved greases

Please visit the KCC Basildon Chemicals website for more details and to view our full range of specialist silicone products.

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